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Counselling services

Individual or Relationship Therapy sessions with a BACP certified counsellor that cares. Having a safe space to talk through issues is valued at Rootz and Powerz. Clients are guided every step of the way and the therapist will implement various methods to support emotional and mental support. Available to children & young people as well as adults.

Sessions can be done via: walk & talk, face to face if local to Coventry or remotely!

Types of Counselling therapy

Individual Therapy

Clients are supported on a one to one basis through talking therapy to work through their emotional  and mental issues. The purpose of talking therapy is to be able to work through emotional or mental disturbances, gain self awareness and promote becoming more conscious to promote self empowerment.

Client autonomy is important. Clients are supported to have a voice so that their emotional and mental needs can be better supported.

Clients are supported by using a person-centered approach to develop connecting with feelings by adopting a mind & body approach to develop self-awareness by listening to the body.

Clients are encouraged holistically and this may include working creatively or incorporating psycho education into the therapeutic work especially with trauma work. Clients are also encouraged to adopt coping strategies to promote self regulation outside of the therapy sessions.

Relationship Therapy

Clients are supported together to work through relational issues to strengthen their connections with one another. Clients will be supported without the therapist taking sides or being bias, but instead to support developing self awareness and work within the relationship duo to work through relationship issues or distresses.

Clients are also given exercises to do outside of the therapy session to promote deeper self awareness, connections and to strengthen the relationship. 

The benefits of having relationship therapy, is that when you confide in someone who has NO personal connection to one or both of the parties involved, this  can be helpful for the relationship to become healthier as there are no opinions, judgements or biases on how you work through issues or future decisions, instead collaborative working is promoted. 

Therapy is not about what the therapist would do, but instead working with the clients to promote autonomy jointly, to enhance both parties being respectfully heard and seen within the relationship.

Relationship therapy can be helpful for friendships, family/parental relationships as well as romantic relationships. 


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