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Specialist Mentoring Service


What We Do?

One-to-one mentoring is offered for 11–25-year-olds who have been victims of youth violence, at risk of child criminal exploitation, county line drug dealing, those at risk of serious violence and gang intervention needs. 

Mentoring is preventative work focusing on reducing risk, addressing underlying issues and helping young people to identify and access positive opportunities.


We aim to increase engagement by offering support from mentors who have lived experience of all the above and even the criminal justice system as we believe that those at risk will identify with such mentors more than other professionals who have not experienced anything that these young people are currently going through. 

Work can be carried out alongside other professional agencies with consent such as social workers, YOT workers and health workers for example and create a multi-agency approach to achieve the common goal of reducing risk and helping to steer these young people to a better future.

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